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Who is Fabric?

Fabric was founded in 2022, with seed funding from Polychain Capital, Eniac Ventures, Mischief, and Reverie. The Fabric team is Jonny Mack, Dan Simpson, Chris Douglas, and Doug Alcantara. Fabric is based in Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego. To learn more about what we’re building, follow us on Twitter and Farcaster, join our Telegram, and subscribe to our blog on Paragraph.

Jonny Mack is the cofounder and CEO of Fabric. Previously, he was the principal of Nonlinear, a design consultancy focused on user research, product design, and prototyping for early stage startups. His clients included Coinbase, Unit 410, Polychain, Roll, Awair, and Observable. Before that he was a design lead on Chrome OS and Android system UI, cofounder of Google Domains, and lead designer for Google‘s Cloud Console. Jonny also worked as a prototyper on webOS at HP, a freelance designer, and an artist assistant to Shepard Fairey and Dave Kinsey.

Dan Simpson is the cofounder and CTO of Fabric. Previously, he was CTO at One More Cloud, where he built the search infrastructure for companies such as Pinterest, GitHub, HBO, Heroku, and OfferUp. Before that, he cofounded KLATU Networks, which developed predictive monitoring systems for life science applications. Dan was also the founding engineer for CryoPort, a logistics platform for cryogenic materials, and TRAXX, a system for wireless hardware analytics.

Chris Douglas is the cofounder and CSO of Fabric, and a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford. He cofounded and co-directed the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation, and was a founding editorial board member of Ledger, the first academic journal dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research. Before joining the Oxford faculty, Chris was a Rhodes Scholar, a graduate student at MIT, a postdoc at Stanford, and a research fellow at the Miller Institute at the University of California, Berkeley.

Doug Alcantara is a software engineer at Fabric. Previously, he was a freelance front-end developer, a lead developer at HubSpot, and an engineering lead at Magnetic Creative, where he built websites and applications for global brands such as Ford, AVEVA, and KitchenAid.

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