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Hypersub x Momoblocks

Delve into the mind bending modules of Iván's world.

We proudly announce the first NFT subscription by the incredibly distinct Iván Casís Jr. Subscribe to momoblocks_society now on Hypersub.

Iván Casís Jr. is a multidisciplinary artist and architect hailing from Panama City, Panama. Earning a BA in 2006, his architectural background has significantly influenced his work as an artist. In both his physical and digital artworks, Casís Jr. commands attention, employing cryptic storytelling to engage viewers in his detailed, surrealist, and geometric creations.


Throughout the 2010s, Iván established a reputation showcasing his work in various South American galleries. In 2021, he entered the NFT space, selected for and showcased in many physical-digital exhibitions worldwide, including: Exquisite Workers' Exhibition at 0xSOCIETY, Denver Digerati's Public LED ExhibitionNFT LiverpoolLABITCONF PremioB-ArtePOESÍA DE PROTESTANFT.NYC and NFT Biennal.

Under The Influence

His art has been featured in international publications like EYAYAH! Magazine and The Light Observer. Recently, he secured residency with VerticalCrypto Art.

Sinking Emotional Capsule

momoblocks, debuting in 2022, is a creative exploration of modular art. The system comprises of recognizable everyday objects, ingeniously combined with engineering components, machine parts, and references from pop culture and history. These enigmatic and sometimes subversive amalgams are firmly grounded in architectural realism, backed by credentials.

Each piece offers a fascinating vignette for us to peer into. Within these tightly encapsulated blocks, there's a sense of vast, labyrinthine space underpinning each configuration. We're merely catching a glimpse of what lies beyond. Inspired by the creative process of architecture and the procrastination that accompanies it, these scenes are meticulously hand-drawn and animated frame-by-frame.

Selections from the 12 piece inaugural collection, titled Tutti Frutti

Today we are excited to deliver Iván’s imaginative work through his momoblocks_society subscription on Hypersub. Join the society to be part of its next chapter by making choices about the theme, format, and other parameters, directly impacting the collection.

momoblocks_society is a monthly recurring NFT collection, where members receive limited edition airdrops. The size of each edition will fluctuate with the number of active subscribers. Members also get early access to selected drops, quarterly raffles of 1/1 art, and membership rewards. Uniquely, the token-gated chat includes exclusive access to WIP content with the ability to influence the creative process via polls.

Currently momoblocks are the result of combining between 4 and 7 components chosen from an expansive library of more than 50 units. With each passing month Iván's surrealist library will continue to grow, and we eagerly anticipate his latest configurations. Subscribe to cultivate and explore each new edition.

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