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Hypersub x Dalek

The Space Monkey mothership has landed.

We're proud to announce the first NFT subscription by esteemed artist, Dalek. Subscribe to SPACEMONKEYS now on Hypersub.

James Marshall, better known as Dalek, is an American painter, photographer, muralist, and illustrator, best recognized for his Space Monkey character. His work is an expression shaped by skateboarding, graffiti art, and punk rock.

The Space Monkey, first drawn on a Connecticut wall in 1995, encapsulated the contemporary vibe of Japanese pop culture, punk, street art and cartoons. For Marshall, this character represents a human being lost in an ever-expanding sea of technological sprawl and mind-numbing convenience. Gradually the Space Monkey had evolved into Marshall's alter ego, a vehicle for communicating emotions, ideas, and concerns.

Over the years, Dalek has continually developed his creations. In the early stages his work was encouraged and supported by Shepard Fairey, eventually leading to an apprenticeship with the renowned Japanese painter Takashi Murakami. He went on to be featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Juxtapoz, along with producing commissioned work for Nike, Hurley, American Express, Microsoft, and Instagram.

Hypersub is now thrilled to announce the opportunity to deliver Dalek's work through his SPACEMONKEYS subscription. Whether you've been collecting his art from the beginning or are just now discovering his brilliant work, this is the exclusive way to support him onchain. Join the near 30-year legacy of the Space Monkey.

SPACEMONKEYS is a monthly recurring NFT collection, minting subscribers a unique edition each month. The size of each edition will fluctuate with the number of active subscribers. Embarking on this latest chapter of the Space Monkey also allows access to a subscriber-only group chat on Warpcast, a monthly raffle to receive a unique 1/1 piece, along with limited edition airdrops for top referrers.

Throughout the collection, you’ll see this iconic, eternally grinning mouse depicted in an array of stunning colors, dazzling patterns and twisted circumstances.

May 2024 subscriber edition.

So what's next? We look forward to collecting the incredible pieces from SPACEMONKEYS, each one offering another glimpse into Dalek’s world. Subscribe to stay connected and to journey with the Space Monkey as we hurtle through time.

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